What Season Is It?

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens…~Ecclesiastes 3:1

My alarm goes off.  I get out of bed and pick up my phone to check the weather app.  I’m not just checking to see if rain is in the forecast.  No, I’m actually checking to see what season it’s going to be today.  Some of you may find that strange, but to those who live where I live, it makes perfect sense.  During the “winter” in Florida, it can be spring, summer, fall, or winter—sometimes all in the same week. There are even times when we experience more than one season per day.

What season is it today?  For me, it’s going to be summer with a high of 84º.  For you it may be very different.  Why does it matter? Knowing what season it is helps us make decisions about what we should wear, what we can do, where we will go, what plans we choose to make, and maybe even what we will eat.

God created nature and its seasons, but Ecclesiastes 3 reminds us that He gave us other seasons as well.  (If you haven’t read the whole chapter before, I hope you will do so today.)  God gave us many seasons of life, and I believe He has different plans and expectations for us during those different seasons.

What season are you in? Does it matter?  I believe it does. Understanding what season of life we’re in helps us make decisions about work, about health, about activities we participate in, and, most importantly how we serve God.

There are seasons of life when our time is committed to work and/or raising children.  We don’t have much free time or extra energy.  But we can still be valuable disciples of Christ.   We can make an effort to exercise our minds and bodies.  We can make time for worship and Bible study.  We can be the light of God in our workplaces and for our families.   We can represent Christ to others wherever we are—at the store, in the doctor’s office, at the airport, at work, etc.  We can love one another.

There are seasons of life when we have less structured schedules.  During those seasons, we might find that God is calling us to volunteer in ministry,  to serve others through charity organizations,  to dive deeper into His Word, to mentor and teach others in the faith, to lend a helping hand to a neighbor in need, or to walk beside someone during a time of great trial.

Sometimes there are seasons in life when we are faced with physical limitations and/or failing health.  But we can still be valuable servants for God.  Maybe it’s a time to serve through intercessory prayer.  Maybe it’s a time to send cards or notes of encouragement.  It might be a time to make phone calls to someone who needs a listening ear. 

There are many different seasons in life.  Accept the one you’re in, whatever it might be, and know that God is with you in that season.  I believe He has a plan for us during each and every season of life.  We always have value.  We can always find a way to serve God and love one another. 

Be aware of what season you are in and give yourself the grace to be there.  ~Kristen Dalton Wolfe, former Miss USA/author/women’s ministry leader

If you stay stuck in the past season or fixated on the future season, you will miss the one you’re in. ~Maree Dee, writer/speaker/advocate/ministry leader

Be blessed!

Just for fun—As with most fine things, chocolate has its season. There is a simple memory aid that you can use to determine whether it is the correct time to order chocolate dishes: any month whose name contains the letter A, E, or U is the proper time for chocolate.  ~Sandra Boynton, Chocolate: The Consuming Passion

2 thoughts on “What Season Is It?”

  1. Yes, there are many seasons in life. Right now, I am in a season of calming myself due to being very busy. I am thankful God has given me writing opportunities. I pray I will follow His nudges and write the words He wants me to share.

  2. Violetmarie Moon

    I’m with you the first thing I check is the weather briefly. Then I go on to devotions. Both things are important to start my day but time with God is the most important 🙏😇🌈

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