God’s Call

In all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make straight your paths.
~Proverbs 3:6 (NRSV)
Seek his will in all you do,
and he will show you which path to take.
~Proverbs 3:6 (NLT)
Have you ever felt like God was calling you to do something?  I have felt like that many times through the years.  I believe He has called me to lead Bible studies, to write this blog, to help people find creative expression, and to start and grow a women’s ministry. Sometimes His call has taken me outside my comfort zone, but not always.
Recently, I have been trying to discern what God is calling me to do now.  Is my ministry dream the same as His?  Do my plans line up with HIs plans?  Am I using my gifts to further His Kingdom?  Am I growing into the person He created me to be?  You may be seeking the answers to these questions, or questions of your own.
How do we discern God’s will for our lives?  How do know we are hearing His call correctly?  We have to ask Him.  I believe that, if we seek His guidance, he will show us the way to go. When I have paid attention to God’s direction, He has given me signs that point the way. When I have needed confirmation that I am moving in the right direction, it has been provided.
These signs and confirmations have come in many forms: in a passage of Scripture, in a book I’ve read, in an email from a church member, in a word of encouragement from a friend, in a thought placed upon my heart, in a sermon on Sunday morning, during a conversation with a mentor, etc. 
Are you paying attention to the ways God is calling you? He will lead the way.  We just need to seek the path He has for us and then be willing to walk that path with Him.

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