My husband’s hands are strong, yet gentle hands.  They are hands that have brushed my hair, rubbed my back, tickled my feet, and pulled me close when I was sad.  Many times, my husband’s hands have held on to mine as we journeyed through life together.  On his left hand is a band of gold—a symbol of the promise made to me 32 years ago—a promise faithfully kept and honorably lived out.  These are the hands of the man I love.

My husband’s hands have always worked hard to provide for our family.  These strong and gentle hands have changed diapers, held bottles for our babies, and spent hours playing games and reading books.  These loving hands taught our children how to tie their shoes and helped with homework.  They painted little fingernails and bandaged wounds.  They taught our son that a man can cook and help around the house.  These are the hands of an awesome dad.

My husband’s hands are also hands that serve.  They have served others through scouting, service organizations, and church.  They have assisted family, friends, and strangers.  These are the hands of a Godly man.

My daughter’s hands are the hands of a confident young woman.  They are hands that love to bake delicious goodies for friends and co-workers.  They are helping hands—hands that have fed the homeless, hands that teach sign language, and hands that are always ready to assist or comfort a friend.  Her hands have knitted many blankets, hats, and scarves to give away.  My daughter has expressive and artistic hands – hands that show excitement and joy, hands that interpret music for those who can’t hear, and hands that create objects of beauty to display and to share.  Her hands are the hands of a grown up, yet they are hands that still remember how to be a kid – a gift that helps in her work with children.  These are the hands of a young woman I admire.

My son’s hands are the hands of a focused and determined young man.  They are big hands.  They are strong hands.  They are skilled hands.  My son’s hands are a musician’s hands—a gift he shares as often as he can.  They are a technician’s hands, skillfully directing our worship technology needs at church.  They are a builder’s hands, willingly taking on new projects for friends, family, and church.  My son’s hands are always ready to help someone in need.  They might help with car trouble, assist with a move, shop for food, or offer comfort during a crisis.  Even though they are strong hands, my son’s hands can be tender and kind.  They can be playful and full of mischief, and they can be serious and stubborn.  These are the hands of a young man I am proud of.

What about my hands?  They are hands that have nurtured and taught my children.  They are hands that have loved my husband.  They are hands that have helped friends.  They are hands that have taught creative expression to others.  But are they the hands of the woman God created me to be?  Are they hands that hold on when they should let go?  Are they hands that pull back in fear when they should reach out in service?  Are my hands doing the work the Creator wants them to do?

What about you?  What are your hands doing?

4 thoughts on “Hands”

  1. Great description of all your family. Your hands are always busy helpng others & helping others find God.
    I guess my hands have been & continue to be caregivers hands. As you know I was caregiver to my husband & now am caregiver for my son who has MS but it is always a labor of 💕

  2. Colette Bonner

    We have often been the recipient of the gifts that flow from all of those hands, and we are immensely grateful to have the Hester family in our lives.

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