Christmas Joys and Reflections

Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing, but of reflection. Winston Churchill

This has been a busy week—one that has made it challenging to find the fun and joy of the season.  I often allow that to happen to me during this time of year.  I work at a church so things definitely get busier there.  I am involved in outside projects and activities that seem to fill up much of my “free time”.  And when I do have time to relax, I am often tired and uninspired. 

I don’t want to feel overwhelmed at Christmas.  I want to wake-up my child-like sense of wonder and excitement.  I want to sing and create and celebrate with family and friends.  I want to worship with a deep sense of amazement and awe that God would send His Son into the world as a real person, one like you and me, so that we would understand the depth of His love.

I really like Winston Churchill’s quote above.  Christmas is definitely a time for rejoicing—a time to celebrate with joy our amazing gift from God.  But it’s also a time for reflection, and right now I would like to reflect and share some of the things I love about Christmas.

I love to see family and friends gather together to love each other, in spite of difficulties they may have had during the previous year, and I love spending time with my own family and friends.  I love that forgiveness seems to come more easily during this season, and that generosity abounds.  Neighbors help neighbors and strangers reach out to strangers.  I love being part of a group that comes together to help a family have a better Christmas.  And I love hearing stories about enemies who set aside their differences to celebrate the birth of Christ.

I love being with people who have a child-like appreciation of Christmas: those who wear fun Christmas shirts, hats, sweaters, or socks; those who delight in the lights and the decorations displayed all over town; and those who can’t wait to listen to and sing Christmas carols.  I love it when I find my own child-like Christmas spirit and join in the fun.

I love watching Christmas movies and reading inspirational Christmas stories.  I love listening to meaningful carols and singing along.  I love making cards, and handmade gifts.  I love finding just the right gifts for the special people in my life, and seeing the joy on their faces when the gifts are opened.  I love seeing the pretty packages placed under the Christmas tree.  I have to admit, I also love the excitement of opening gifts myself and finding expressions of love that were chosen just for me.

And most importantly, I love celebrating the reason for the season.  I am always happy to unpack my nativity sets and place them in various locations around my house to remind me of what is really important.  I love going to church on Christmas Eve and and participating in worship.  I love the peace that settles in my heart during the candlelight singing of  “Silent Night”.  The soft light of the candles is a great reminder that Jesus came into the world to be a light for all mankind.

I hope you take some time to reflect on what you love about Christmas.  I know that for some of you this is a difficult time of year, but I hope you are able to find some light and joy during this special season.


One thought on “Christmas Joys and Reflections

  1. This season has been difficult for me. While I have my son with me, I miss seeing the rest of our family. But then in reflecting on the times we have had with them, I remember how left out I felt with them
    They have lives that we don’t fit into anymore.
    I am also missing Bob more this year & remember all the great times we had.
    I pray continually that I can hope for God’s help in keeping on in his path that he has set out for me.

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