Find a Reason to Celebrate!

This is a weekend of celebration for me and for my family.  Yesterday, I had the joy of spending time with my mom for her birthday, doing some things we both enjoy.  Today, some family members will gather for a birthday lunch to show our great love and appreciation for this amazing woman who has led our family through good times and bad. She has woven a thread through all our lives that binds us together in love.  She is healthy and active, and young at heart; and we are going to celebrate.

In December, after several years of working full-time and going to school, my son graduated with an Associate of Science degree in Sound and Music Technology.  It was a long and challenging chapter with many ups and downs. On Sunday, friends and family are going to gather for lunch to acknowledge his accomplishment and share his joy as he moves forward in the next chapter of his life,  and we are going to celebrate.

My daughter is coming home for part of the week-end.  One of my brothers and his wife will be with us for Mom’s birthday lunch.  My son’s girlfriend and her parents will be with us for his graduation lunch.  Friends and family will be spending time together, and we are going to celebrate.

I am a daughter of the King.  My Heavenly Father loves me so much that He sent His Son into the world for me.  Jesus took my sins as His own and died for my freedom.  On Sunday morning, I’m going to worship with the community of faith at my church.  I’m going to sing songs of praise, listen as God’s Word is read aloud, hear words of wisdom from my pastor, and participate in Holy Communion.  I know that I am loved by my Creator, and I am going to celebrate.

Are you able to find reasons to celebrate in your life?  Sometimes they can be very hard to see.  If you can’t find any, look a little harder, because God has filled this world with beautiful and amazing things.  This is the day He has made! I hope you can open your eyes to the wonder around you, and your hearts to His spirit within you, and find a reason to celebrate.

Remember that you, too, are a child of the King.  You are loved by the Creator and that is a great reason to celebrate.

2 thoughts on “Find a Reason to Celebrate!”

  1. I have friends who talk about all the things that have gone wrong even in my life. For some reason I believe in our Heavenly Father and his home. I don’t think about the wrong, but focus on the right. I celebrate in the little things that make me smile every day.

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